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Do you feel it? It’s rising from within you, that growing desire – some might call it a passion – to peer beyond the limits of your own beliefs. A burning notion that there must be more to feel, more to know, more to embrace. That’s the Consciousness Revolution in you bubbling up from your very DNA.

Hi, I’m Kaarin Alisa, and I feel it every day, this desire to search through the layers of possibilities that exist in every moment. To sift through the questions and ponder the answers that spur experiences of synchronicities and miracles. And at the very core of the search, if I am open to it, if I abandon my fear and persist, are old paradoxes, new paradigms, and layers of realities that don’t ever – won’t ever – fit into a box.

Here, everything is fair game. We’ll question, examine, and ponder those things that stretch our minds to the limits of what’s possible and make us breathe deeper. Do you really want to know more? Then welcome to the Consciousness Revolution.

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