Intention Adventure

Intention Adventure


Spiritual growth need not come through pain and suffering.

Often, mentors outline programs of change that have you rake your past pains and disappointments over the coals to glean your growth through daily sublimation to these points of personal suffering.

And when you are deemed ready to progress, it’s often through arduous examination. Now, there’s nothing wrong with all of that. Some of it is probably necessary if your life is particularly stuck on reliving the past.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could learn about who you are NOW, not who you were when these painful experiences happened. And wouldn’t it be magnificent if you learned that you ARE powerful enough, alive enough, and perpetually ready to shift for the better – to BE in expectation of good things to come – things you desire.

I believe that spiritual growth and the art of manifestation can be a fun and enlightening experience when we allow it to be so.

Let’s play instead!

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I invite you to enjoy a special program called The Intention Adventure. It’s a simple, easy to follow program in an adventurous, quest format.

And it’s fun!

The Intention Adventure empowers you to learn about yourself and gain greater personal power by stepping you through a series of simple tasks that help you discover your true desires.

Look, achieving your desires is as simple as using the power of expectancy and intention. Like magic, life can change quickly when you change your inner self. So change the way you hold yourself and your life by empowering expectancy and intention in a simple and light-hearted way.

The Intention Adventure is taken on your own time, at your own pace. There are 18 modules that drip to you by email. Each email contains all you need to know to complete the next task on the journey. If for any reason the emails come faster than you like, just hold them in your inbox and open each one at the timing that works for you.

You will be a traveler in a magical land

looking for a very special treasure.

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The good news is that the treasure you seek on this adventure is of your own choosing. You get to figure out WHAT you truly desire and design your internal belief structure to become the person that CAN experience that desire!

Your current belief system, your current ability to manifest your desire, even whether or not you KNOW what you truly desire – none of it matters when you take on a new perspective and allow the old to fall away like so much detritus.

The Intention Adventure has:

  • A lighthearted, quest format in an imaginary land.
  • An electronic, interactive daily journal designed in MS Word to record the results of your daily tasks.
  • 18 modules that come to your email inbox one at a time, spaced out over several weeks.
  • Simple tasks designed to be achievable by anyone.
  • 3 fully immersive guided meditations that help you understand yourself better and empower new beliefs of your choosing.

On this journey, if you take on the fun of it and immerse yourself in the tasks, you’ll uncover the true power of intention and how you can use it to create the life you really want, by being the person you really are. You’ll explore how to use what’s called the expectancy effect. And by the end of your journey, you’ll receive a special guided meditation where you’ll have the opportunity to anchor the intentions you’ve discovered and honed in such a way that they immediately begin to attract gifts and opportunities to you.

It’s like an exciting treasure hunt

And it’s FREE to you right now!

It’s normally sold for $97, but you can begin the adventure right now at no cost, my gift to you.

And by the way, I’m a fully trained and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, so my guided meditations are safe and built on sound principles. You are always in control throughout the meditations, truly throughout the entire program. You give the program power by letting yourself be the adventurer and immerse yourself in the journey.

To start your journey today (a $97 value)

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The adventure will begin within 24 hours of your sign-up!

See you at the trail-head,

Kaarin Alisa

P.S. You owe it to yourself to try a new way, to take a light heart, and see what happens! It could be like magic.