The Rabika Oracle


Tree-FaviconRabika is a website filled with goodies! Aside from Kaarin’s metaphysical blog hosted there, the main attraction is the Rabika Oracle. You can get a FREE Rabika Oracle online reading there any time! Regular users of the oracle call it uncanny!

You can also book individual private appointments with Kaarin, and pick up a passel of other freebies on the freebie page.

Rabika University has registration pages for Kaarin’s award-winning classes.

And, as if that was not enough, you can get an angel blessing there, and much more…

Below is a little about the Rabika Oracle,

but the real test is, of course, using it!

 About The Rabika Oracle

Rabika is a Conscious Tool. It opens a window for your conscious mind through which you can more clearly view situations and issues in your life. This clearer view brings knowledge, and with it, guidance about how to act, how to feel, and what to do right here, right now. It’s usable information that you can immediately use in your life.

lifecross-layout-hemispheresSetting it apart from some other divination systems, Rabika is firmly rooted in present time. Rather than extrapolating from the past to ‘divine’ the future, Rabika illuminates the energies surrounding and affecting any situation in your life right now.

Why does Rabika do this? Because you want to make intelligent and informed decisions about how you conduct your life. And as the creator of your life, you only have the present energies to work with. This moment right now is where the seeds of creation are born. Nothing in your past can help you manifest desired outcomes, and nothing about the future is set in stone. You can affect any situation, but only if you are illuminated with the knowledge-of-now and the understanding of where to take creative action.

In all cases, Rabika points back to the present time to find the solutions and information relevant to you. When Rabika presents a possible ‘future,’ it also presents a deeper understanding of why the future is currently heading in that direction. This understanding is born of recognizing the exact energy constellation affecting that possible future.

It is only from this place of understanding the present moment that solutions and creative actions can be devised.

You can get a FREE Rabika Oracle online reading right now!